Multireality, is an immersive exhibit that questions the use of digital technologies in present-day society, it calls to rethink our relationship with digital technologies. 
Digital mobile technologies are becoming smarter and more efficient in capturing and diverting our attention. Before we are overwhelmingly captivated by them, Multireality calls upon us to reevaluate our relationship with such technologies and encourages us to engage in intelligent inquiry into them.
It is aimed at young urban dwellers who rely heavily upon their mobile phones aged 15-25 years old and raises questions for them about their increasing dependency on digital technologies. 
The Arts Catalyst was chosen to house the prototype as it has a similar line of enquiry and attracts the right target audience. Arts Catalyst is a nonprofit contemporary arts organisation that commissions and produces transdisciplinary art and research. 
My Role
I fulfilled the role of the creative director on this project leading team of 5 creatives and 10 external collaborators.  
Exhibit Description 
First, participants hand over their mobile phones. Second, they enter a darkened room and see themselves reflected in multiple digital screens, some of which allow for interaction. Third, they enter another darkened room and put on headphones and listen to a soft voice that aims to stimulate an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). Upon the exit they receive back their mobile phone wrapped up in a piece of paper that served as an informational leaflet. 
The Team:
Mateusz Gidaszewski, Charlie Dixon, Catherine Averback, Diana Morales, Yu Sun, Adil Olivier Sharif, Xiao Wei, Judy Hallgarten, Alessio Taranto, Julia Wong, James Mathison, Clara Zungu, Meda Kinaite, Pooja Maher, King Wang Samuel Li
Exhibit Reactions
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