Client: Volkswagen
The future of vehicles is set to dramatically change how we live, move and experience the landscape around us. With the advancement of autonomous vehicles and the rapid growth of the sharing economy we will not only see the emergence of new alternative cultures and lifestyles but also the resulting adaptation, creation and manipulation of our built environments that will accommodate and facilitate such changes.
Explore and identify what new systems will emerge in the near future of mobility within the urban space and understand the impact these will have in our everyday life, our living space and our traveling experiences. Moreover, identify how autonomous driving will shape the future and what opportunities Volkswagen can uncover in this new context.
Gabriele Lorusso, Elissa Brunato, Mei Feng Lin, Marion Lasserre, Mateusz Gidaszewski
My Role
Concept Design, Concept Development, Graphic Design, Visualisation
Design Concept
The development of self driving cars opens up new spaces for interactions to emerge within the travelling experience. AVAI is the imagined future car system that adds an emotional contact point between passengers and the Volkswagen AI driven car. 
We designed this additional system to become beneficial to the structure of family life. Our video shows a variety of scenarios that describe emotionally important events and common family situations. AVAI is an intelligent computer system that grows and learns with the family members from the moment it is acquired. Your AVAI is designed to interact as a member of the family and is able to take on different roles and understand diverse emotional situations within your set family bounds.

Detailed explanation of each scene 
Window Scene
In the opening scene, a man is looking out of a foggy window and thoughtlessly draws a figure. AVAI recognises the scribble as one that the man drew on the car window as a young boy. By choosing this scene as an introduction we give a sense of the length of time in which the system has been present. We show that AVAI is an attentive part of the family, that it is able to grow and interact with you through your time in the car. By showing the interaction of touch on the window we demonstrate that AVAI links intrinsically to the body of the car you are in. The windows are utilized as surfaces for AVAI to visualise thoughts, memories and communicate images.
Tired Scene
The second scene shows a woman entering the car after a long day at work. AVAI recognises her exhaustion and adjusts the car into a more comfortable space. We chose the simple gesture of offering a pillow as a nurturing interaction. This is a symbol for all the adjustments like turning on the heating, playing soft music, that normally a parent driver would do to provide rest and comfort.
Office Scene
Scene three takes place outside the car. A mother at her workplace suddenly notices that it is nearly time for her children to arrive at their swimming lesson. In panic, she calls out to AVAI to check if everything is going well. AVAI reports back that they are 5 minutes away from their destination and that she is taking care of the kids. This scene shows how driverless cars can give you more freedom to manage your time without rushing from place to place while keeping your kids in safety. AVAI can take on the role of a guardian, helping family members carry out their overlapping needs.
Children Giggling 
The fourth scene shows two teenage friends in the back seat of the car. One of them excitedly announces that she just kissed a boy and worries that she may now be pregnant. AVAI who is always present in the car reacts to these concerns in a friendly well calculated manner. By offering advice to clarify the situation, AVAI takes on the role of an older sister or ‘cool’ auntie that can relate to a teenagers explorations. Here we present the intelligence of the car as one that has far evolved into knowing the family rules as well as how to relate to different stages of growing up.
Old Man
The last scene shows an elderly man travelling by himself. During the journey he is reminiscing with AVAI about events from his life. Here in the role of a long term companion, AVAI knows how to offer conversation and emotional feedback to the possibly lonely man. AVAI can connect the car GPS system to locations linked to family memories that the system remembers through journeys over time. This provides companionship to the old man, while helping him revive happy moments of his life.
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